Apartment decoration of the residential complex ‘St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort’ on Miami Beach

In the photo gallery ‘Apartment decoration of the residential complex ‘St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort’ on Miami Beach’, are the pictures of the most significant elements of décor and accessories, furniture sets and lighting systems of the premises, forming an elegant and a luxurious residential environment in Art Deco style (fr. Art Déco).

This deliberately eclectic style, which stays in fashion for the decades, is characterised by elite plastics of neoclassicism, modernistic furniture design, elegant luxury of expensive accessories and bright avant-gardist fine arts.

Decor and accessories of the apartment's interior

Aesthetic perfection and plastic variety of architectural heritage of classicism very often becomes an artistic basis for the creation of interior design projects for elite real estate in the USA.

This is visually illustrated by pictures of the ornamental and sculptural elements in the interior décor of the apartment ‘RESIDENCE C’, which is located in the residential building of the ‘North Tower’ in the 5-star complex ‘St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort’ on Miami Beach.

Plastic enrichment of the apartment’s space is achieved by the composite order, based on classic décor elements, used on the walls, and the installation of modernist accessories in the interior of its living and utility rooms.

Furniture and decorative textiles in the apartment’s interior

According to the architect’s Steven Gurowitz (Steven G.) ideas, the furnishing of this apartment was made based on the best samples of high-quality Italian furniture of the most prestigious brands.

Choosing the models of furniture sets and accessories, the author took to the account their maximum functional, coloristic and decorative characteristics, and created aesthetically attractive living environment with maximum household facilities.

Elements of lighting systems of the apartment

The original lighting equipment of this luxury apartment in the complex ‘St. Regis Bal Harbor Resort’ on Miami Beach is an essential part of its elegant interior decoration and stylish furnishing. The best Italian products of the most famous and prestigious brands were used for the implementation of combined and decorative lighting of living rooms and utility premises.

Many American and European interior designers very often over-complicate their stylistic touches to avoid clear association of their work with the most popular trends and tendencies of the modern decorative art.

The famous architect of South Florida Stephen Hurowitz also prefers to do so. He creates his original style of interior design ‘By Steven G.’ elegantly combining luxury, comfort and multifunction of modern elite housing in the United States.

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