The interior of the apartment in the residential complex ‘St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort’ on Miami Beach

Photos of this Ocean-view apartment, located on the 22nd floor in the elite condominium ‘St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort’ on Miami Beach, give a visual impression of great stylistic variety and refinement in decoration of modern multifunctional residential environment of the ‘Luxury’ class in the USA.

The creation of interior design project for this exclusive apartment and its practical implementation was made under the leadership of the famous American architect Steven Gurowitz (Steven G.). In the ‘free’ living space of the apartment, he masterfully synthesized the elegant aesthetics of neoclassicism with the bright magnificence of modernism and with the graphic avant-garde of the modern fine arts.

Photos of the interior for family rest and activities

The Eastern lounge area (Great Room)

The Eastern lounge area has external panoramic transformable glazing and Atlantic Ocean views. The sizeable dimensions of the lounge are 5.9m x 6.8m (19’-4’ x 22’-4’) and are measured between the outer wall surfaces and wall structures. The Great Room leads to the Master Bedroom as well as having an exit to an open balcony-terrace for relaxation.

This spacious lounge is tastefully equipped as a cozy family area with a home cinema, an elegant upholstered furniture set and an original decorative lighting solution to its interior.

The Western lounge area (Dining Room and Family Room)

The Western lounge has a dining area for 8 persons (Dining Room) and a living space (Family Room). This lounge is the most spacious room of the apartment and has the views of the central areas of Miami and Biscayne Bay. As is the case with the entrance-hall, it has an additional exit from the apartment, which leads through a separate hall to the corridor of the residential section of the 22nd floor and to an evacuation staircase of the ‘North Tower’ in the residential complex ‘St. Regis’.

The dining area for 8 persons has the dimensions of 5.0m x 6.6m (16’-5’ x 21’-7’), and the living space, provided with an upholstered furniture set, has the dimensions of 5.2m x 5.1m (17’-2’ x 16’-7’). The utility rooms are located around this living area, and include the kitchen-dining with a laundry room, a bedroom with en-suite, and a panoramic balcony which altogether form the western planning zone of the apartment.

Pictures of the bedrooms of this apartment

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom has views to the Ocean and Miami Beach coast-line. It also has the bi-folding doors with panoramic transformable glazing and the access to an open balcony terrace. The internal dimensions of the Master Bedroom are 4.4m x 7.2m (14'-5 ‘x 23'-9’). Access to this exquisitely decorated bedroom in ‘Neoclassicism’ style is via the entrance-hall of the apartment and via the Eastern lounge area.

This spacious double-size bedroom with en-suite has an elegant sound-proofed finish and an original decorative lighting solution to its interior. It is combined with a walk-in wardrobe, toilet and bathroom. This planning solution provides the highest level of comfort and privacy in the living space of this luxurious and spacious bedroom.

Western Bedroom (Bedroom 3)

The Western Bedroom has views of Miami and Biscayne Bay, and organically combines rationalism with the comfort of a modern resting area. Its internal dimensions are 4.1m x 5.6m (13’-5’ x 18’-6’). The bedroom has an en-suite and a walk-in wardrobe. The warm-coloured palette of decor, soft textile textures and sound-proofed finish of the interior creates a relaxing effect and positively affects the quality of rest in this spacious, well-lit and cozy room.

The Eastern Bedroom has views of Ocean and Miami Beach. Its internal dimensions are 4.0m x 3.9m (13’-0’ x 12’-10’). This bedroom is equipped with panoramic transformable glazing and has the access to an open balcony-solarium. A set of elegant furniture is placed in this bedroom, harmoniously accompanied by light colours of interior decoration, texture of decorative textiles, marble flooring and an original lighting solution to the interior.

Pictures of utility rooms interior

The entrance-hall (Foyer), walk-in wardrobe (Wardrobe), bathrooms ‘Master Bath’ and ‘Bath-3’, restroom (Toilet-Room)

The entrance-hall with guest restroom and entrance to the Master Bedroom is located in the central area of the apartment. The western and eastern lounges adjoin the entrance-hall from both sides, forming a single ‘free space’ naturally lit from opposite sides. Mirrored tinted panels, installed opposite the entrance to the entrance-hall and onto adjacent walls of both lounges visually increase the overall living space and its natural illumination.

Original ‘free space’ planning and lighting solution to the utility rooms interior positively influence the visual characteristics, natural air circulation and the level of comfort of the environment in this apartment.

Kitchen-dining room (Kitchen)

The interior of the kitchen-dining room is elegantly realized in minimalistic ‘Hi-Tech’ style, with a neutral palette of colors, and equipped according to the ‘classical’ corner scheme of built-in multi-functional white-goods, produced by the most prestigious brands. They are compactly and comfortable installed on the internal walls of this well-lit and cozy room with the internal dimensions of 4.8m x 5.0m (15'-10 ‘x 16'-7’).

This kitchen room provides a dining area with a capacity of up to 5 seats. Its stylish and orderly decorated area has a portal opening to the western lounge, panoramic glazing, and an external exit to the balcony terrace with an open solarium and a furnished summer dining area.

The balconies of the apartment – the open terraces for relaxation

The balconies – terraces solariums have dining areas for eating and relaxation on the open air. Their total area is 99,5 m2, with the internal dimensions of 14.8m x 3.4m (48’-6’ x 11’-2’) и 14.9m x 3.4m (48’-10’ x 11-2’). The balconies, located on the western and eastern sides of the apartment, have elegant finish and furnishing, shockproof glass railings and are a perfect permanent sun protection for the apartment.

As a result of the considerable width and depth of the balconies, you can place there two sets of dining furniture for 12 persons and a summer bar for 5 seats, as well as a few loungers for outdoor sunbathing. The installation of a smaller amount of furniture for the summer dining will create a more compact dining area, in addition to the second furnished area for a comfortable rest for 4 people.

As an organic addition to the aesthetic splendour of this apartment's space, there are spectacular panoramic views of Miami's landscapes and the beauty of the Atlantic coast for you to enjoy.

We hope, that browsing the photo gallery ‘Interior of the apartment in the complex ‘St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort’ on Miami Beach’ will give real pleasure to all connoisseurs of modern American art, and to all who desires buying the elite real estate in the USA.

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